Welcome to RiverCross Ranch

RiverCross Ranch is an event and retreat center on a private acreage available for bookings and rentals located just outside of Calgary, Alberta.  RiverCross is dedicated to developing and promoting opportunities for our community to pursue healthier and more spiritual lifestyles. At RiverCross Ranch we will interact with an environment of people and companies who strive to foster positive change and well being into others’ lives.

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RiverCross is available for private functions, corporate meetings & retreats, wellness workshops, facilitated programming, bridal showers, small family functions, and much, much more.

During the fall and winter months, every Tuesday from 10am to 2pm RiverCross Ranch hosts a library open house – where the public is welcome to come and enjoy tea, plus pick up a copy of a good book or two at our new swap/exchange community BookCross Library.

Visit our Facebook page for updates on the next library time and date, as well as any other exciting updates!

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